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Check out a great write-up about our research from Wine & Spirits Daily! ——…

22 May 2015

Check out a great write-up about our research from Wine & Spirits Daily!

May 22 , 2015

Top Motivators for Drink Choice On-Premise

Dear Client:

As the economy continues to improve sales to casual and fine dining restaurant chains are seeing a boost. 74% of consumers said they go out as often (51%) or more often (23%) than they did in past year, per a recent Next Level Marketing survey of 1000+ chain consumers. If you separate out millennials only, which “seem to be really be the key to the alcohol beverage industry,” the number going out more often increases to 30%, according to NLM partner Mike Ginley,

DRINK CHOICE MOTIVATORS: NLM found that the most important motivators for choosing where to drink are: (1) everyday drink prices at a good value; (2) drink specials; (3) great beer selection; (4) knowledgeable staff; (5) a menu that communicates all drink offerings. Females and older consumers tend to be more price sensitive while male consumers are more concerned about brands, Mike told listeners at the annual Vibe conference.

85% of all consumers don’t know what type of drink they’re going to order before they walk in the door and that number jumps to 93% for the millennial generation. Once they get through the door, what is motivating consumers to pick their first drink? (1) drink menu, (2) pairs well with the food they ordered; (3) drink is listed on food menu; (3) the specials; (4) promotions; and (5) staff suggestions.

Mike noted that food pairing was “way down the ranking” in prior years, but more recently it’s risen to the No. 2 most important factor. This represents a huge opportunity for the spirits and beer category while wine will need to figure out a way to maintain its stronghold on the occasion.

MISSED OPPORTUNITIES: The majority of people (74%) say they have one to two drinks per occasion on average. However, 66% of those surveyed say they would be interested in an additional drink. 26% say they just need someone to ask when they’re ready to order. Call me impatient, but this is your editor’s No. 1 gripe about mixologists. I’m just as glad as the next consumer that the quality of cocktails has been elevated, but when each drink takes 5 minutes to make sometimes it’s just not worth the wait. In addition, 24% say if the bar provided drinks faster, they’d order another . This can almost be combined with No. 1, meaning 50% of people are not ordering another drink because of the service they’re getting. No wonder more people are drinking at home.

Meanwhile, 24% say they would order another if they are offered better quality drinks. “People are not looking for cheaper brands, they’re looking for better brands.” And 22% say if an after-dinner drink was offered, they’d be interested.


Spirits delivered 6% sales growth and 2.9% volume growth in the control states for April. Price/mix improved to 3.1% growth. And according to NABCA, Michigan has surpassed Pennsylvania as the No. 1 control state market.

Although wine’s rolling 12-month volumes growth is 1.4%, volumes for April were down -0.5% as every control state except Utah and Wyoming reported decreases in volume.

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